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Trigger M


Trigger M was founded in 2003 by Brent Morris, a leader in the Richmond advertising community and former president of the Advertising Club of Richmond.

Our focus is developing strategic marketing and media plans that create results. We believe that for every media action, there needs to be a quantifiable reaction that positively impacts your bottom line. If there's not...what's the point?

Your customers change and your competitors rarely stay still, so you have to be nimble. A great ad campaign isn't enough; your marketing strategy must continually evolve to identify and hit those moving targets.

As media options have increased and social and mobile marketing have become integral parts of our lives, mass markets have broken into smaller segments with distinctly different needs. The only way you can be sure to reach each of your target audiences is with a strategic media plan that uses more selective and innovative ways to cut through the clutter.

And that's where we come in. Our experience in television, radio, print, out of home, online and mobile media planning and placement can help you score direct hit after direct hit with each segment of your target audience.

We'll make more efficient use of your media budget through expert negotiation tactics and long-standing relationships with media representatives. Best of all, since media services are covered to a large extent by media commissions, the work we provide is often at no cost to you, the advertiser.

It's time to take action. And time to get the reaction you've been waiting for.