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Trigger M


Trigger M customizes services based on your singular objectives, needs, and budgets. Whether you're looking for one particular service or a full-scope marketing plan, we will work with you to maximize the impact of your advertising.

Market Research
Let's go beyond the basic demographics of sex, age, and income. Using top-line research, we can refine the definition of your target audience based on your prospects' interests and behaviors -- a vital step in creating a breakthrough marketing strategy. Trigger M will also use research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service, uncover new markets or hidden opportunities, and provide a comprehensive overview of the competitive environment.

Marketing & Media Strategy
Essential to any successful plan, the strategy outlines how your company will communicate with customers and prospects through different psychological contexts to achieve marketing objectives. Trigger M will craft your marketing and media strategy to provide clear direction and focus during the campaign, ensuring that every dollar of your budget is spent efficiently.

Media Planning
Once we know who your target audience is and how we'll leverage that knowledge, it's time to make some decisions. Trigger M will conduct an extensive analysis of media alternatives and determine your optimal mix of traditional and non-traditional media, producing a fully-integrated campaign with multiple touchpoints. Your comprehensive media plan will include innovative strategies and supporting tactics, timelines with flighting built to support primary selling and promotional seasons, and budget estimates that meet the campaign's reach and frequency goals. (There's a lot of media lingo back there, but the more familiar you are with it, the more comfortable you will be with the planning process. If you have a question about any of these terms, e-mail us for a prompt answer.)

Media Buying
Where the rubber meets the road... Now we're really nice folks, but when it comes to negotiations, we get aggressive. That means we can regularly achieve better-than-market efficiencies and build in value-added opportunities that will provide more for your media dollar. After your schedule runs, we'll do a post-buy analysis to confirm placement, identify necessary make-goods, and measure the results of your campaign relative to the stated objectives.

Media Audit
Already have a working media plan? Great! Trigger M can tune it up for maximum efficiency by reviewing your strategy or media pricing and placement, and identifying areas to tweak. (Remember: your media strategy must continually evolve to identify and hit those moving targets.)

Media Rep Relations
Successful negotiations with media representatives are based on integrity and mutual respect. We have the experience to manage those relationships to save you both time and money.

Social & Mobile Marketing
We recognized the significance of these emerging channels of communication early and strive to stay on top of advances in technology. The consumer's ability to build a community of contacts that they can communicate with efficiently has never been easier. If done correctly, social and mobile marketing offer marketers the opportunity to touch consumers in a targeted and highly personal way. Let Trigger M develop an innovative communications strategy to protect the integrity of your brand and grow your business.

Search Engine Marketing
We'll help you build your brand and drive traffic to your Web site or bricks-and-mortar location with a well-crafted search engine marketing plan. What you get is primary positioning on the results page every time a prospect does a relevant online search. Don't think you need it? Consider this: without it, you'll not only miss numerous opportunities to communicate with motivated prospects, you'll also give a leg-up to your competition, since their links will appear even when a prospect is searching for your brand!